Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"What Caused The Cold War To Begin"

The Cold War Begun by many events that caused set up for it to happen. Both sides, the Russians and Americans never actually sent armies at each other to fight in an "actual" war but the tension was very high.

 American Concerns:

              The growth of communism countries and the threat of a nuclear attack. They didn’t like Russia conquering so much land and felt capitalism. Also, they did not allow the people to vote for their government. The Communists were spreading rapidly. i.e. In 1949, Mao Zedong's communist forces had won a victory in China and this added another front to the Cold War. The blockade on Berlin set by Russia was another cautioning act. They were concerned when Russia launched the first successful spaceship called Sputnik into space. This set of the race to beat the other in outer space technology.

USSR Concerns:

         They felt threatened when they were invaded twice in the 20th century. Also, America had the Atomic Bomb and they were set to making their own. The western allies unified western Germany and did not consult Russia first. The Western Germany set up by the western allies had allowed them to re-arm and let them join NATO. America had been successfully testing bombs such as the hydrogen bombs and had moved them closer to Russia by moving into Russia. Also, they let America have partial governing of Berlin because they were afraid of the Atom bomb that was dropped in the same year. They were not ready to fight a war so they let America have part of Berlin which was deep in Russia's half of Germany after WW2.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Le Futur Porche"

Le Futur Porche is used to talk in the near future tense.  It literally means "I Am Going To" and is considered too primitive to use during formal and sophisticated conversations. Le Futur Porche should be used when talking to friends in an unsophisticated way. It is fairly easy to learn "Le Futur Porche" and how to use it. 

Subject                  Futur Porche               Verb in the INFINITIVE 

Je                              Vais                        Ex. Manger
Tu                             Vas                            Manger
Il/Elle                         Va                             Chanter      

Nous                        Allons                         Nager
Vous                        Allez                           Vister
Ils / Elles                  Vont                            Faire

The verb has to be in the INFINITIVE.

How to Use Le Futur Porche in the Negative 

Je n'ai pas aimer ma maison   :   I do not like my house
Je ne vais pas aimer ma maison   :   I am not going to like my house

Used when you are going to do something in the same day or very close. Otherwise you will need to use the Futur Simple Tense (I Will) if it is farther away into the future.